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Rites of Passage: Reclaiming Witchcraft class in Central NC 
07:22am 21/05/2008
  Rites of Passage: Reclaiming Witchcraft class in Central NC
Posted by: "Beth" owls_daughter
Mon May 19, 2008 1:18 pm (PDT)
Registration is now open for the Reclaiming Witchcraft Core class --

Rites of Passage

Cultures across the world have celebrated rites to mark significant life
passages. Rites of Passage, a core class in the Reclaiming Tradition,
teaches us to step into mystery and explore personal change, healing,
and transformation by using pairs and group trance, dreams, myth,
storytelling and ritual.

Supported by guides and allies, tracing the otherworld route to our own
places of power, we will move in and out of trance and dream states to
explore and deepen our understanding of the process of how we change, as
we become the main character in our own myth. We will learn and use a
powerful technique of focusing and directing attention to further deepen
our initiatory experience together. The workshop will end with a ritual
of transformation and celebration.

** Participants should have taken an Elements of Magic course (the
Reclaiming Tradition introductory class), or equivalent.**

Six Tuesday evenings June 17 through July 22, 2008, 6:00-9:30 including
break for supper provided by rotating teams.

Lovely rural setting 20 miles north of Durham at Rougemont. Overnight
accommodations are available if needed.

$120 - $60 sliding scale, you decide where you slide. By using a sliding
scale, it is hoped that those who can afford to do so will pay on the
higher end so that this class will be available to those of different
incomes. Those who have previously taken Rites of Passage may enroll in
this one for free.

Contact: Birch -, or phone 919-220-3087
Wren -, or phone 336-364-1167

Please record your dreams beginning at least 2 weeks before class starts.

About Witchcraft
Witchcraft is a spiritual tradition based on remembering and recreating
an earth-based way of life. Witches honor the cycles of nature, the
earth and the goddesses and gods that live within each of us.

About Reclaiming
Reclaiming is an ever-evolving tradition of Witchcraft that is rooted in
Eco-feminism and the Feri Tradition. It is dedicated to personal
empowerment, teaching and unifying spirit with political and social action.

About the Teachers:
Birch is a queer witch who has been teaching/priesting in the Reclaiming
tradition for over nine years and recently completed his Reclaiming
Initiation. He has taught at Reclaiming witchcamps up and down the east
coast, and other Reclaiming classes throughout the southeast and at his
home in North Carolina. His current work focuses on using magical
principles as a way of developing community and community leaders, the
healing power available to humans in the natural realms, and opening to
the divine.

Birch relishes his hermit side and practices shamatha-vipashyana
meditation regularly. He is a devotee of the tarot, and has been working
with White Tara, the green dragon of peace and healing, and Brigid. In
the past couple of years, he has been spinning and knitting magic.

Wren is a supposedly rational scientist who rediscovered and reclaimed
her magical side nine years ago, happily found a spiritual home in the
Reclaiming tradition, and there grew into the roles of priestess and
teacher. She has attended numerous Reclaiming-related witchcamps,
courses and workshops, is active in the local Reclaiming group Dragon's
Cauldron, and continues study and daily practice based on Reclaiming and
Feri traditions.

A botanist, logophile, grandmother, and member of an intentional
community, Wren likes to chant, walk her labyrinth, commune with the
green realm and the beings of the forest, and do magic with fellow Witches.

Beth Owl's Daughter
The Dragon's Cauldron:
Reclaiming Tradition Witchcraft
In Central North Carolina
"For My law is love unto all beings..."

(Stir the Cauldron)

06:58pm 12/05/2008
  Free Dragon-back Tiger Kittens in Charlotte
Posted by: "Andrea" clanestone

Mon May 12, 2008 1:36 pm (PDT)

Third generation Familiars; free to good homes. They have a striped
pattern on their backs that forms a winged dragon. We have 2 litters
to find homes for; so please help us. The first litter, born March
28th, has 1 black on black male, 1 black and white male, and two tiger
females. The second litter was born on April 4th. There is one
beautiful Tiger male, an exoticly spotted female, and two black and
white females(black on black striped) on of which is long haired.

Please help us by adopting a kitten before we become over-run (there
is a 4th generation litter due any day)!

(704)900-6077-home or (404)769-7296-cell

(Stir the Cauldron)

Nature-based Wicca misunderstood, practitioners say 
05:19pm 12/05/2008
  Article published May 9, 2008
Nature-based Wicca misunderstood, practitioners say

Sheri Metcalf's house is pretty ordinary, for the most part.
There's an entertainment center with a television tuned to HGTV and
several DVDs on the shelf. Cozy chairs sit around the room along with a
bookshelf and computer desk. Family photos adorn the walls.
But there's also a shiny pentacle sitting on the old wooden cabinet in
front of the picture window. To the right of the magic symbol is a
double-edged knife, called an athame, and to the left a small black
cauldron holding a bundle of sage.
Crystals, glass containers of sea salt and holy water, a pendulum, and
tarot cards sit on the cabinet as well. Two candles stand at the back —
the silver candle is representative of the moon and the goddess, and the
other gold for the sun and the god.
A small pine tree on the corner of this altar also represents Metcalf's
god Pan, Greek god of the hunt. The goddess she worships is Diana,
goddess of the hunt.
Metcalf is a witch. You also could call her pagan or Wiccan. She, along
with dozens of others in Great Falls, practices the often-misunderstood
religion, Wicca.
"We are not pointed-hatted, warty people," said Katie, the 27-year-old
director of the Great Falls Pagans Meeting Group, who requested her last
name not be used.
Wicca is a nature-based religion that focuses on respect for all living
things. Wiccans believe people have access to natural powers, they
observe the earth's seasons and cycles through rituals, and many of them
cast spells.
"Spells are basically like prayers," said Katie, who works in customer
service. "It's the same as folding your hands and talking to God. I'm
doing the same thing, just with more instruments."
The only telling sign of Katie's religion is the pentacle that dangles
from her neck. The five points of the star represent earth, fire, wind,
water and spirit.
"The circle is an encompassment of all of them together," she said.
"It's a sign of my faith, and I prefer to wear it."
However, for the same reason Katie withheld her last name, many local
Wiccans choose to keep their pentacles under their shirts and their
religion "in the broom closet."
"There are some people in this community who are not that accepting,"
said Katie, who says she's been harassed for her beliefs.
Horror movies and television shows have painted a less-than-pretty
picture of those who practice witchcraft by portraying them as
practitioners of magic spells intended for evil purposes. In reality,
the one rule most Wiccans follow, called the Wiccan Rede, is: An it harm
none, do what thou wilt.
"It means to harm no one, and that includes physical, emotional,
spiritual and mental harm," said Lady Nytewind, a high priestess in
Billings. "It includes ourselves as well as other people and other
living creatures. We're really very peaceful."
Many Wiccans also believe whatever you do, good or bad, will come back
to you three times as strong.
Lady Nytewind, the 65-year-old's witch name, said people who share her
beliefs often are accused of worshipping the devil, sacrificing animals
and even eating their children.
"The devil is a Christian concept and we are not Christian," said Lady
Nytewind, leader of the Mountain Moon Circle pagan group. "We don't even
believe in the devil."
Merry meet, merry part
Vicki Anderson said her husband assumed it was just a phase. So far,
though, that "phase" has lasted 35 years.
"I'm a solitary practitioner, an eclectic witch," said Anderson, a Great
Falls woman who works in sales.
Wiccans who practice outside of a coven, a group of witches generally
headed by a high priestess and priest, are considered solitary. Eclectic
means someone who does not align his or herself with any particular line
of Wicca.
Anderson honors mostly the earth goddess Gaia, who she's drawn to
because of the energy she gets from the water or the land, though she
worships a god as well.
The 53-year-old has an altar, where she honors her goddess at least once
a day, set up in her beading room. She might wear a cowl or colored
scarf, depending on the holiday or season, during festivals or while
practicing at home.
"I have to watch my use of incense because my husband can't stand it,"
she said.
Anderson was in her late teens when she started reading about and
eventually practicing Wicca. But she's been "sensitive" since she was
about 7 years old.
"I can see things and I can hear things," she said. "Sometimes they
don't show themselves but there's an energy field."
Wiccans believe in what non-pagans call supernatural powers. To Wiccans,
though, they are perfectly natural and everyone has the ability to
access them.
Anderson said she's become more focused and seen more spirits over the
past 10 years and her life has grown noisier over the past two.
Metcalf also is in tune with her natural abilities and calls herself a
psychic sponge.
"People come tell me about things and they bring their things with
them," said Metcalf, a local caregiver. "Normally I can hear them and I
can feel them. Sometimes I can hear them talk."
Then "they" latch on to her instead and follow her home. That's part of
the reason she has so many crystals and stones and plants in her house —
for protection.
"We have to clean her up periodically," Anderson said.
Both Anderson and Metcalf say they don't profit from their witchcraft
aside from gaining new friendships. The spells they cast are for
healing, for being more open and receptive to things and for helping
others. They also do cleansings to drive away negative spirits.
"You go around the home, normally from top to bottom — in closets,
drawers, any spaces — and drive out whatever is in there," Metcalf said.
The items commonly used for spells include sea salt, holy water, sage
and sweet grass. The spells also call for items found in the backyard,
like grass and parts of trees. But that means you give something back.
"It's not a take-take situation," Anderson said. "If you use something
you always give something back."
Anderson said she also uses culinary herbs, available at grocery stores
or in bulk at the Root and the Leaf or 2J's Produce. Eclipse Beads has
various crystals and stones. The Coach Stop Trading Post sells sage and
sweet grass.
The Rain Storm Forest was a local store that carried pagan items, but
since it closed Anderson said she looks online to find supplies that
aren't available locally.
But those who practice magic spells must exercise caution.
"There are right ways and wrong ways to do things; make sure it's the
right way," said Metcalf. "Sometimes when you practice and don't do
things correctly it can let anything good or bad in."
Metcalf said when a witch performs a ritual on the altar he or she draws
a circle around themselves, creating a protective space.
"When you do a ritual you become a lighthouse for everything around
you," she said. "But you also have to un-open it (the circle) when
you're done."
Great Falls Pagans
Katie was raised Catholic and stumbled onto the Wicca religion when she
was a teenager.
"I had heard about it through the media and thought, 'That can't
possibly be true,'" she said.
So rather than jumping on the bandwagon she started reading about Wicca.
She also researched religions like Buddhism and Hinduism but Wicca stuck.
Her eclectic practice involves living her life with respect for the
earth and the balance of nature.
Katie didn't know any other Wiccans until she found a pagan meeting
group online. She eventually took over the group to provide a networking
opportunity for area pagans.
The Great Falls Pagans Meeting Group gathers to drink coffee and
socialize the second Wednesday of each month at the Hastings Hard Back
Cafe. They also organize gatherings to celebrate eight annual festivals
called Sabbats that correlate with the annual cycle of the earth's seasons.
The four greater festivals are Samhain (early November), Imbolc (early
February), Beltane (early May) and Lammas (early August). The other
holidays are the summer and winter solstices and the spring and autumn
equinoxes. They also celebrate full and new moons.
Katie said the most recent holiday was the spring equinox, which they
celebrated at a local residence on March 22, the Saturday after the
first day of spring.
"It was a celebration of the awakening of the earth and the coming of
spring," she said.
They had a potluck dinner and an egg hunt for the kids. And they danced,
about 15 of them, in a circle while drumming and shaking rattles to the
chanting that was streaming from the CD player.
"Everyone had a good time," Katie said.
Pagan living
Melinda Berry belongs to the Sisterhood of Avalon, a national community
of women who practice druidism, a nature-based religion that worships
Welsh goddesses.
"We work on inner growth," said Berry, a local nursing student. "We
don't try to change outside influences. We try to better ourselves and
feel that reflects outwardly and makes the world a better place."
Berry grew up in a Christian Science family but when she was a teenager
she realized she didn't agree with the beliefs. She made a list of what
she did believe and a friend told her she should look into Wicca.
Berry said at first hers was an eclectic path. Then she joined the Air
Force and went to England and there she was introduced to druidry, which
fit like a glove.
"We don't believe in practicing magic to get something," the 27-year-old
said. "We believe it is a journey, and through the struggle and actual
trying to better yourself you are going to get what you need."
However, like the others she keeps her faith to herself around here.
"I came from California, where no one really cares," Berry said. "In the
UK they were really open and didn't care. In the military no one really
cares. In Great Falls, Montana, people care."
But there is a growing pagan population locally and around the state. At
least five to 10 people regularly attend the monthly Great Falls Pagans
meetings at Hastings. Some area gatherings have drawn upward of 40
people, Katie said.
Since 2004, Lady Nytewind's Billings group has organized annual summer
festivals that have grown every year, drawing around 50 people in 2007.
"We do the sacred alchemical fire circles," she said. "It's spiritual
transformational work; it's life-changing."
The four-day festivals include daytime workshops and nighttime drumming,
dancing, singing and chanting around the fire until the sun rises in the
morning. The past four Mountain Moon Summerfests have educated people on
the elements — air, fire, water and earth — so this year's festival is
about the spirit, said Lady Nytewind.
"Akasha, the 5th Element," is Aug. 14-17 at Lions Camp, about 10 miles
south of Red Lodge. The festival is open to all pagans as well as other
faiths and children 10 and older. Costumes and ritual garb are welcomed
and encouraged.
"The work is to make ourselves better and our lives better," Nytewind
said. "Sometimes it's a change of jobs or finding a career or getting
well or changing your mental attitudes. It can work out many different
ways, depending on what you need."
Opening minds
Michael Oakes started practicing Wicca as a solitary about four years ago.
"I can't remember what brought me to it," said Oakes, who works for
Easter Seals Goodwill. "I think it's the fact that Wicca believes no
religion is wrong. So no matter what you believe, as long as you believe
in a higher deity you're correct."
Oakes, a former Roman Catholic who's married and has three kids and two
grandchildren, started practicing Wicca under the guiding instruction of He also read books and got involved with the Great
Falls Pagans Meeting Group.
The 54-year-old said he's a priest, as in a level-one witch. He's been
working on his initiation for about six months, meaning he has at least
six months and a day to go before reaching the second degree; at that
level he'd be able to teach, write and lead rituals for a coven or the
The Wiccan way is to prove your commitment by working toward a goal for
a year and a day.
Lady Nytewind has attained the level of high priestess, the third degree
of witch initiation. A high priest or high priestess comes at least a
year and a day after attaining the second level, and only a third-degree
witch can initiate another to a third degree.
Lady Nytewind said she's belonged to covens in the past but realized she
wanted to reach more people than practicing within a coven would allow.
"I'm all about building community amongst pagans; it's the only way we
can educate people that we don't do the horrible things we are accused
of," she said.
Lady Nytewind said there are "wannabe witches out there who don't have a
clue what they are doing and think this is all about power." They are
not true Wiccans, she said. They have seen too many movies.
"They don't understand this is a spiritual path, and the greatest power
in the universe is love," she said. "That is what we focus on."

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10:45am 27/04/2008
  (Hello! I know I'm new but I'll drop this off here so people will know!)

Okay here's the deal. There is a ceremony/get together at Bearadise Farms! These are awesome people that you have to meet. Some of the activities include:
-Mead Making
-Goat roasting
-Large Bonfires
-camping out (BYOS)
and more.
The cost is $20/ person and it's an experience that is well worth it! It's on memorial day weekend so shake a leg!
For more information please call:
@ 919-215-2063

See ya there!

(Stir the Cauldron)

Help Wanted 
06:27pm 10/12/2007
  If anyone knows of a Pagan in the Hickory or surrounding area that's
looking for a part time job on weekends, please let me know or give
them my number at 704-527-4069. We have a metaphysical store in Hickory
and we are looking for someone with a basic knowledge of the products.
Age limit is 16 or over. Must have basic knowledge of Paganism and of
basic tools and materials. Hours of operation is from 8:00am to 2:00pm
sat and Sunday. All inquiries please contact Nyjh Ortiz ant 704-527-

Thanks and Blessed Be.

Nyjh Ortiz

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Pentacle Gravestone Dedication 
07:06pm 23/11/2007
  This came from a group I belong to:

Pentacle Gravestone Dedication
for Stephen Snowberger III
On December 1, 2007 in Kentucky

Wiccan leaders and veterans, Pagans of many paths, and those of other
religions will be gathering for this historic event:

Pentacle Gravestone Dedication for PFC Stephen P. Snowberger, III
Saturday, December 1, 2007, 1 - 6 pm Lexington, North Carolina

PFC Stephen P. Snowberger, III, was a Wiccan soldier and member of
Victory Base Open Circle, sponsored by the Sacred Well Congregation.
Stephen was killed in action in the war in Iraq on May 11, 2006. More
about him, his life, and his service is on-line:

Stephen's marble gravestone is the latest pentacle inscribed veteran
gravestone to be issued by the US Department of Veterans Affairs, and is
pictured on-line:

Shortly after Stephen's pentacle inscribed gravestone arrived on
November 8, 2007, it was placed at his family's cemetery at the rural
home of his mother, Deborah Brown, near Lexington, North Carolina. It is
the first VA issued pentacle gravestone in the state.

His gravestone dedication ceremony and the social that follows is open
to family, friends, veterans, those on active duty, and others who wish
to respectfully honor Stephen's life, service, and sacrifice. Wiccans
and Pagans of many paths as well as those of other religions will be
among those taking part.

The interfaith dedication ceremony will be conducted by:

* Rev. Selena Fox (Wisconsin), Senior Minister, Circle Sanctuary
* Rev. David Oringderff, Ph.D. (Texas & Arizona), IEC Executive
Agent, Sacred Well Congregation
* Rev. Marci Drewry (Virginia), Director of Military Affairs, Sacred
Well Congregation
* J. D. Walker (North Carolina), Vice Chancellor, House of Akasha

The ceremony will include military honors, blessings by each of the
ministers, a reading of Rev. Kay J. Ahl's "Keepers of The Fire" by
Deborah Brown, and the placing of offerings of fresh flowers and
evergreen sprigs next to the gravestone by all who attend.

Those planning to attend need to arrive between 1 - 1:30 pm. The
Dedication Ceremony begins at 2 pm and will be followed by a potluck social.

If you are interested in attending, please contact us by Tuesday,
November 27, 2007 for more information.

Email: <>
With cc to: <>

Please include contact information (name, email address, telephone) for
yourself and any others who will be attending with you so that we can
send you additional details.

If you have served and/or are serving in the US military, please mention
your military service (branch, rank, number of years of service).
Veterans are invited, but not required, to wear military uniforms to
this event. If you plan to wear a uniform, please mention this when you

Those attending are asked to bring food or beverages for the potluck,
plus a fresh evergreen sprig and/or fresh flower to place at Stephen's
gravesite in memory of him.

Circle Times: Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Member of Sacred Well Congregation
Served in US Army in Iraq War
Killed in action on May 11, 2006
Pentacle marker placed at family cemetery on November 6, 2007

The latest pentacle gravestone issued by the US Department of Veterans
Affairs was placed today in a family cemetery plot in rural North Carolina.

This gravestone honors the life, service, and sacrifice of eighteen year
old Stephen P. Snowberger III who was killed in action in Iraq on May
11, 2006 . Stephen was a Wiccan soldier and member of the Baghdad-based
Victory Base Open Circle, sponsored by the Sacred Well Congregation.

Stephen's mother and next of kin, Deborah Brown, of North Carolina,
wished to honor her son with a pentacle inscribed gravestone issued by
the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). She also wanted to have the
gravestone placed in a family plot on her land.

When Stephen was killed in action, the pentacle was not on the VA's list
of emblems of belief that could be included on the gravestones it issued.

Selena Fox brought this need to properly honor Stephen and his mother's
request to the attention to the head of the National Cemetery
Administration of the US Department of Veterans Affairs shortly after he
died and then again in her face-to-face meeting with him and other VA
officials on July 5, 2006 at VA headquarters in Washington, DC.

At last, Deborah's request has been fulfilled.

On April 20, 2007, Selena and Americans United for Separation of Church
and State filed Deborah's grave marker application and request with the
US Department of Justice representing the US Department of Veterans
Affairs just prior to signing the settlement agreement of the federal
lawsuit, Circle Sanctuary vs. Nicholson. This settlement resulted in the
VA finally putting the Pentacle on its list of emblems of belief that
can be included on the gravestones it issues. The pentacle was added to
the list on April 23, 2007.

Since Deborah wanted the gravestone placed with Stephen's cremains on
private family land, additional work was needed to make this possible.
Selena Fox of Circle Sanctuary, Marci Drewry of the Sacred Well
Congregation, and JD Walker of the House of Akasha collaborated in
providing additional support to Deborah in making arrangements for this
private family cemetery plot option for the gravestone placement.

These arrangements were finalized last week, and the production of the
marker moved forward. In her phone call with VA staff last week, Selena
requested that the production and delivery be expedited, and if
possible, produced and delivered before Veterans Day. The VA did this.

Stephen's marble marker with pentacle was delived this afternoon.

Deborah, assisted by her husband and a neighbor, placed the marker in
the family cemetery plot on her land just before dusk. A marker
dedication service is being planned by Deborah, Selena, Marci, and JD
for early December.

This coming weekend, Stephen will be among those honored in a Veterans
Day parade in North Carolina and in the Veterans Day Circle at Circle
Sanctuary Nature Preserve near Barneveld, Wisconsin. Please remember him
and the other deceased Wiccan/Pagan veterans who have received pentacle
markers this year as well as honor the living Wiccan/Pagan veterans and
those on active duty in your own Veterans Day observances.

A photo of Stephen's pentacle gravestone, taken by his mother shortly
after the marker was delivered, is now on-line at our Veteran Pentacle
Quest Success website:

A tribute page for Stephen is at:

Blessed Be.

Circle Times: Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Back to Veteran Pentacle page

*Carla Smith*

South Regional Coordinator

International Pagan Pride Day Project <>

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What is it like to be a witch? 
03:02pm 12/11/2007
  A woman was asked by a co-worker, "What is it like to be a witch?"

The co-worker replied, "It is like being a pumpkin. The Goddess
picks you from the patch, brings you in, and washes all the dirt
off of you. Then She cuts off the top and scoops out all the yucky
stuff. She removes the seeds of doubt, hate, greed, etc., and then
She carves you a new smiling face and puts Her Light inside of you
to shine for all the world to see."

(Stir the Cauldron)

Pagan Holidays and Excused Absences 
05:19pm 07/11/2007  

(Stir the Cauldron)

Workshops at Eclectic By Nature in Greensboro 
08:29pm 01/11/2007
  Hello dear friends,
Announcing my ½ day-long series of workshops THIS SATURDAY
at Eclectic By Nature in Greensboro. FYI : each one is back by popular demand, so enjoy!

While each ‘shop gives great foundation for the next one, each can be taken individually, too. Max of 20 seats, which are filling now. Pre-registration is recommended--call 336-373-0733,
walk-ins are welcome for available seats. Whole series is 4.5 hours (plus breaks) for $55.
Pass this on the interested friends and colleagues!

· All About Chakras $10/ea @ 11:15am

· Opening Your Third Eye – the Gyoshi Ho $20/ea @ 1:30pm

· Developing Your Psychic Abilities: Beginners & Intermediates $25/ea @ 3:30pm

Blessings to you and namasté,

Rev. Margo Ross, Reiki MT
434-799-3318 in Danville VA

* I joyfully agree to show up, pay attention, tell the truth, do the work, and not get attached to the outcome! *

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Shopping opportunity, Mebane, NC 
05:44pm 21/10/2007
  Shopping opportunity, Mebane, NC
Posted by: "Diana"
Sat Oct 20, 2007 12:04 pm (PST)
Heads up, pagan shoppers!

My Secret Closet in Mebane has some wonderful pieces of cement yard art
for *very* reasonable prices. One piece in particular has four lovely
faces, each facing one of the cardinal directions with the compass
points in bas relief on top. The whole thing is very art deco in
styling, about 18 inches high with about a foot-square footprint for
$59. I found one at a cement-art manufacturer some distance away for
about the same price. It's heavy, but a lovely addition to your
garden. MSC also has large-ish crouching gargoyles, a nearly 5' tall
nude woman, and some other pieces.

I have no stake in this. My Secret Closet is off Mebane Oaks Road,
just north of 40/85. Turn right between the Shell station and
McDonalds and go about 300 yds.

May the joy of Samhain be yours,


"We are quicksilver; a fleeting shadow; a distant sound. Our home has
no boundaries beyond which we cannot pass. We live in music; in a flash
of colour; we live on the wind; and the sparkle of a star. And you want
to trade it all for a quarter of an acre of crab grass!"

-- Endora [Agnes Moorehead], Bewitched [ep. #2: "Be It Ever So

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Samhain in the Carolinas 
08:54pm 20/09/2007
  )O( Samhain in the Carolinas! [Attn: Party-goers, Vendors & Performe
Posted by: "Sinovess" sinovess
Wed Sep 19, 2007 7:17 am (PST)

We are exactly one month and one day away from the extravaganza! For those
looking for an amazing event to attend for Samhain, your wait is over! Don
your dark-deity finest and plan to head out to gather with friends and other
Pagan-locals in Monroe, North Carolina (*just outside Charlotte, NC*) for
great performers, vendors, snacks, dancing and more including the infamous
DJ Wolf! Want more info? See below and be sure to check out the links
listed. And vendors & performers? Contact Aura <> if
you're interested in participating whether it be showing off your musical
skills or showing off your wares!

MySpace users RSVP here: *MS EVENT
M.E.O.W.'s official Samhain Costume Ball website: **<>
M.E.O.W. on MySpace (*Keep up with the action!*): ** <>


*When:* Saturday Oct 20, 2007 at 7:00 PM
*Where:* Unionville Community Center
1004 Unionville-Indian Trail Rd.
Monroe, NC 28110

**Do you know a band or performer who would be right for our event? Send
info to

We have a few slots available for vendors! Please check out official website
for more information!


*See you there!

**Aura Moonshadow <>
Leader of M.e.o.w. <>*

*Click Here To View Event and leave your RSVP on
*Web flier located @:
*Print-out flier located @: **

Sponsorship of this event graciously offered by *House
Performance by *Messenger* <>
Music mixing provided by *DJ Wolf* <>
This year's event to benefit *P~A~A~N - Pagans Against Animal

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08:56pm 13/09/2007
   Hi all
I am known as Silverstar, I live in Jacksonville, NC, and I am a solitary eclectic pagan, i specialize in herbs, folk remedies, and healing. I've been practicing and studying for 12 years now. Just looking to share and learn

Merry Met, Merry Parted, and Blessed Be,

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FREE SHOW 8/12! Curiosity & ToyBox Theatre! 
01:31am 12/09/2007

FREE SHOW at The Rock Shop in Fayetteville! All Ages! 8/12!
Gothic Industrial Music a la Rasputina and The Dresden Dolls...
Puppetry and Performance Art...
All The Way From Chicago...


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5th Annual Charlotte-Metro Pagan Pride Day 
03:42pm 26/08/2007
  5th Annual Charlotte-Metro Pagan Pride Day

Date: September 8th, 2007
Time: 9 am to 5 pm
Location: Freedom Park, by the antique locomotive
1900 East Blvd, Charlotte, NC
Free Admission

Charlotte-Metro Pagan Pride Day is an event dedicated to celebrating our community, spiritualy and diversity, and encouraging community awareness and education about people of pagan beliefs, in the hope of fostering tolerance for all religions.

Activities include live music, workshops, and local artisans and crafters. There will be drumming and dancing, and crafts and games for children. There will also be a Harvest Ritual open to the public, as well as the Wall Of Honor*. We have a full lecture series scheduled, with topics such as Introduction to the Tarot, the Magick of Gems, and Understanding the
Divine Feminine. We will honor the eight Sabbats with the Sabbat Altars, each offering a unique perspective of a different Sabbat.

We will have over 30 vendors participating, including Edenistic Tendencies, Gothic Charms, Silver Lotus, GlasJulz, Silver Cauldron, Mythical and More, and many others, offering everything from handmade cat toys to ritual items to handcrafted incense to musical instruments.

Admission to Pagan Pride Day is free, but we encourage everyone to bring a donation to our Named Charity, the North Mecklenburg Animal Rescue. They will be on hand with some of their wonderful adoptable dogs, and will be taking donations of pet toys, canned food, bedding, cleaning supplies, and other useful items. (They asked me to pass along the word that they do NOT need dry food, but they DO need bleach, and surgical-type latex gloves.)

The Animal Shelter is just one of four tax-deductible charities who will join us at Pagan Pride Day; we also welcome the Concord chapter of Disabled American Veterans; the Eidolon Foundation; and the Carolina Raptor Center, who will be bringing some of their famous owls and hawks.

The park concession van will be open, and there are restroom facilities nearby.

Come and join us for what promises to be a truly magickal event. See you at the park!

Miles Batty & Tony Brown, co-Coordinators
and the Charlotte Metro Pagan Pride Day staff

Our websites:

Our sponsors:
North Carolina Piedmont Church of Wicca (
Carolina Grove (
Eidolon Foundation (
Wicca Wicca (

Our charities:
North Mecklenburg Animal Rescue (
Disabled American Veterans (
Carolina Raptor Center (
Eidolon Foundation (

*The Wall Of Honor is a tribute to those who have made efforts to further justice, equality, and freedom. If you would like to remember someone, please bring a non-returnable picture or other memento to be placed on the Wall. Ribbons will also be available. Proceeds from ribbon sales will go to Concord's Chapter 27 of Disabled American Veterans.

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Being a Pagan in the South 
01:31pm 17/07/2007  

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Street Faire 
09:44pm 08/07/2007
  The Church Of The Earth Of NC is proud to announce its first annual Street Faire. Join us as we have an old fashioned festival featuring music, food, a live eagle, unique things to see and buy, carnival games and lots of prizes.

When: July 14th, 2007, 10am-4pm

Where: Gaia’s Gardens, 855 West Morgan

Street (Next to Goodnight’s Comedy Club)

Who: Kids, Adults, and everyone in between

What: Street Faire featuring games and prizes, music, food, vendors selling new age and artistic items, and a live eagle and owl!

Cost: Admission is Free, Food ticket $2.00 for meal, $1.00 for drink only. Game tickets $2.00 per book

The Church Of The Earth Of NC is proud to announce its first annual Street Faire. Join us as we have an old fashioned festival featuring music, food, a live eagle, unique things to see and buy, carnival games and lots of prizes.

Good old fashioned fun for a low price.

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02:03pm 28/06/2007
  Spiritual Pathways, Mountain CUUPS and Catawba Valley/High Country
Pagan Pride Day is sponosring

Followed by Litha Ritual
and a Baked Spaghetti Dinner
this Saturday June 30
beginning at Noon
Boone, NC

The PAGAN FAMILY FUN DAY will include games and activities for all ages with prizes and giveaways. Along with drumming, chanting, singing and fellowship.

This will be held at the Jaycee Park in Boone (directions below) from Noon till 4pm

Bring a picnic lunch, chairs, drums, noise makers and your family and friends and enjoy the Sun and make new friends while you catch up with ones you haven't seen in a while.

Then at 5pm we will all move just down the road to the Boone Universalist Unitarian Church for a self-empowering LITHA/MIDSUMMER RITUAL w/Druidic influence. Everyone is welcome to attend/watch/participate.

Following this powerful ritual, will be a Baked Spagetti Feast
including Salad, Meat and Vegetarian Baked Spaghettii(Vegan option
also available), Garlic Cheese Bread and Dessert with beverages.

Everyone is welcome to any and all events.

Fun Day in the park and Ritual are free of charge.

Baked spaghetti feast will be $7/adult and $4/under 12

All proceeds go to the Catawba Valley/High Country Pagan Pride Day.

For more info, email or

Also you can get directions and maps at:

I am looking forward to seeing lots of you from this group come help
us celebrate the Pagan Family

Momma Lioness
aka Beth Fox-Ebert

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Cabarrus County 
11:50am 24/04/2007
  Subject: cat killers

I am writing to let you know that Cabarrus County does not scan cats for AVID chips before destroying them. Our neighbor trapped Spike and called animal control. My cat was pick up and killed on Friday afternoon. The animal control officer told me that Spike was not even put into a holding kennel before he was killed. Said that he was wild. I am outraged and hope you are too. Please pass this on to all your animal loving family and friends, even your vet. If we all would contact the Cabarrus County Sheriff's Dept @ 704-920-3000 and voice your opinion on this it may make a difference in the system. If you do not live in Cabarrus County, please contact your local animal control and find out their policy on scanning for chips. Thank you for all the support for can provide me in correcting this terrible injustice.


Krazy K Prospectors
Tom and Suzi Kimball
109 McCray Ave.
Kannapolis, NC 28081-3337

Cabarrus County email:

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Wiccans Settle Military Grave Lawsuit 
10:04am 24/04/2007  

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Mind, Body, Spirit Expo 
04:32pm 03/04/2007
  Hi Everyone,

First, please forward to anyone in the Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, and Alabama that may be interested in a Mind, Body, Spirit Expo called the Galactic Expo.

Next, Carol and I will be at booth 82 and my lecture is at 12pm on Saturday, April 14, 2007 and A Precious Resource will be on my banner for anyone who would like to stop by.

Also, attached are $1.00 coupons for anyone if needed.

April 14-15, 2007
10am-7pm Saturday
10am-6pm Sunday

Tennessee State Fairgrounds
500 Wedgewood Avenue
Nashville, Tennessee 37203

Admission only
$6 for BOTH DAYS!

Last, hope to see you.
Love in Light,


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